Policy Research Institute - PRI Bangladesh

The Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh (PRI) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the Bangladesh economy, its key policy challenges, domestically, and in a rapidly integrating global marketplace.

Past Events

No Title Date of Program Post By
1 Trade and Exchange Rate Policies for Export Diversification May 24,2017 Administrator
2 Improving Investment Climate: Key Policy Reforms and Institutional Priorities Mar 18,2017 Administrator
3 Roundtable on "Trade Competitiveness for Greater Export Diversification" Jan 30,2017 Administrator
4 Fuel Oil Subsidy Reforms and Oil Market Deregulation in Bangladesh Jan 24,2017 Administrator
5 Rethinking Political Development for Stability and Justice Jan 19,2017 Administrator
6 Fuel Oil Subsidy Reforms and Oil Market Deregulation in Bangladesh Jan 16,2017 Administrator
7 the 3rd Conference Bangladesh Economist Forum (BEF) on "Institutions for Development - Urbanization & Land Issues" Dec 31,2016 Administrator
8 How Can Bangladeshi Firms Better Compete? Nov 30,2016 Administrator
9 জাতীয় বাজেট 2016-17 : শেষ মুহূর্তের ভাবনা May 30,2016 Administrator
10 Vision for Joint Development of the Sundarban Region May 25,2016 Administrator
11 Fostering Better Financial Inclusion in Bangladesh Through a More Competitive Mobile Financial Services Feb 18,2016 Administrator
12 GROWTH WITH EQUITY: Contemporary Development Challenges of Bangladesh Feb 2,2016 Administrator
13 Issues Related to Health Expenditures in Bangladesh Jan 12,2016 Administrator
15 2nd Bangladesh Economists’ Forum (BEF) 2015 Oct 24,2015 Administrator
17 the Launch of the book titled “উন্নয়ন ভাবনায় কর্মসংস্থান ও শ্রমবাজার” Jun 17,2015 Administrator
18 Budget 2015-2016: Views of the Business Community Jun 16,2015 Administrator
19 জাতীয় বাজেট ২০১৫-১৬: শেষ মুহূর্তের ভাবনা Jun 1,2015 Administrator
20 Book Launch-“Gresham’s Law Syndrome and Beyond An Analysis of the Bangladesh Bureaucracy” May 26,2015 Administrator
21 7th PRI Quarterly Policy Briefs on Bangladesh Economy May 9,2015 Administrator
22 Strengthening the ICT Revolution in Bangladesh Apr 29,2015 Administrator
23 Legal and Regulatory Issues Related to Environmental Sustainability of the Textiles Sector Mar 21,2015 Administrator
24 Rethinking Democratization: Consensus Building for Results Mar 7,2015 Administrator
25 Access to Finance – Environmental Sustainability in the Textiles Sector Feb 14,2015 Administrator
26 Regulatory Challenges for Trade and Investment Jan 20,2015 Administrator
27 Roundtable Discussion on "Dialogue" with DFID and USAID May 28,2014 Administrator
28 Trade and Investment for higher Growth Apr 23,2014 Administrator
29 Rethinking Political Development: Cultures, Civilizations and Identity Feb 1,2014 Administrator
30 Roundtable Discussion on "International Private Sector Financing as a Catalyst for Growth" Jul 13,2013 Administrator
31 Post-Rana RMG Roadmap May 30,2013 Administrator
32 The launching of Fourth "Quarterly Policy Briefs on Bangladesh Economy" Apr 27,2013 Administrator
33 The launching of second "Quarterly Policy Briefs on Bangladesh Economy" Oct 13,2012 Administrator
34 The launching of "Quarterly Policy Briefs on Bangladesh Economy" Jun 30,2012 Administrator
35 Views on budget 2012 - 2013 "MEET THE PRESS" Jun 13,2012 Administrator
36 Roundtable Discussion on “Enhancing Trade Facilitation in Bangladesh May 21,2012 Administrator
37 Roundtable Discussion on “IMF ECF Program- Can Bangladesh Deliver?” Apr 25,2012 Administrator
38 Towards a Public Policy on Microfinance in Bangladesh Apr 5,2012 Administrator
39 The launching of the report “More and Better Jobs in South Asia” Feb 28,2012 Administrator
40 Launch of the book "Bangladesh Economy in the 21st Century" Feb 25,2012 Administrator
41 The launching of third "Quarterly Policy Briefs on Bangladesh Economy" Feb 2,2012 Administrator
42 Stakeholder Consultation on the Draft VAT Law Dec 7,2011 Administrator
43 Stakeholder Consultation on the Draft VAT Law Dec 4,2011 Administrator
44 A brainstorming meeting on inflation in Bangladesh Oct 29,2011 Administrator
45 A roundtable discussion on “Medium-Term Macroeconomic Outlook and Reform Priorities" Sep 14,2011 Administrator
46 A Workshop on " The Economics of Transit in South Asia’s North East Sub-Region" Jun 28,2011 Administrator
47 The Launching of the book entitled “Unnayaner Arthaneeti" Feb 26,2011 Administrator
48 The Launching of the book entitled "Managing Food Price Inflation in South Asia" Jan 22,2011 Administrator
49 The Bangladesh launch of Journal of Bangladesh Studies Jan 11,2011 Administrator
50 Is Interest Riba? Dec 27,2010 Administrator
51 The Launching of the book entitled “Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia: Beyond SAFTA” Sep 26,2010 Administrator
52 Bangladesh Bank’s Monetary Policy Statement July-December 2010 Aug 4,2010 Administrator
53 Budget Analysis Workshop for Members of Parliament Jun 28,2010 Administrator
54 Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers in South Asia Jun 26,2010 Administrator
55 Budget Analysis for the Members of Parliament May 30,2010 Administrator
56 Private Investment in Bangladesh Apr 15,2010 Administrator
57 Regional Cooperation in Africa: Lessons of Experience and Implications for South Asia A Presentation by Africa Center for Economic Transformation Mar 10,2010 Administrator
58 Presentation by Ambassador William Milam: Bangladesh and the World View Feb 10,2010 Administrator
59 Bangladesh: Accelerating Growth and Poverty Reduction Through Regional Cooperation Feb 6,2010 Administrator
60 A Day-Long Workshop on Rethinking Security, Sovereignty and Justice Jan 10,2010 Administrator
61 Public Financial Management Awareness in Bangladesh Nov 17,2009 Administrator
62 US-Bangladesh Trade and Investment Relations Issues and Prospects Oct 20,2009 Administrator
63 World Bank Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) Upstream Consultations Jun 9,2009 Administrator
64 Macroeconomic Challenges in 2009-10 Budget Priorities and Fiscal Space for Policy Response May 13,2009 Administrator