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The Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh (PRI) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the Bangladesh economy, its key policy challenges, domestically, and in a rapidly integrating global marketplace.

Global Economy

No Article Title Published Date Author
1 The rise of economic nationalism: A serious threat to global economic stability Mar 28,2017 Muhammad Mahmood
2 Rising income inequality: A threat to the global economic order? Feb 26,2017 Muhammad Mahmood
3 ক্রমশ কোণঠাসা ট্রাম্প Feb 17,2017 Dr. Zillur R. Khan
4 ট্রাম্পের জন্য যা অপেক্ষা করছে Feb 9,2017 Dr. Zillur R. Khan
5 বিশ্ব অর্থনীতি এক ধরনের টানাপড়েনের মধ্য দিয়ে যাচ্ছে Nov 29,2016 Ahsan H. Mansur
6 Anniversary Issue-2016 2nd Instalment-Harvesting the China factor Nov 22,2016 Sadiq Ahmed
7 ট্রাম্পের নীতির ৫০% বাস্তবায়নেও মহা মন্দা দেখা দিতে পারে Nov 12,2016 Ahsan H. Mansur
8 Regional connectivity and economic integration in EU and ASEAN Aug 31,2015 Azmina Azad
9 Is global economic recovery losing steam? Oct 14,2014 Zaidi Sattar
10 Social Business:Turning Capitalism on its Head Jan 2,2012 Zaidi Sattar
11 Managing food price inflation in South Asia: An agenda for reforms Dec 21,2011 Sadiq Ahmed
12 The economics of transit Dec 21,2011 Sadiq Ahmed
13 Curtain falls on US debt ceiling drama only to roil global markets Aug 10,2011 Zaidi Sattar
14 China opportunity beckons but not for long Dec 22,2010 Zaidi Sattar
15 Possible gains from regional cooperation Dec 14,2010 Sadiq Ahmed
16 The global crisis, rise of Asia and policy challenges Dec 14,2010 Ahsan H. Mansur
17 Debate over transit fees Nov 14,2010 Sadiq Ahmed
18 The challenge of equitable tariffs May 16,2010 Zaidi Sattar
19 Rising Tides Feb 11,2010 Sadiq Ahmed
20 Trade gap with India Feb 8,2010 Sadiq Ahmed
21 Greater cooperation holds the key Jan 26,2010 Sadiq Ahmed
22 Protectionism weighs heavy at the Pittsburg G20 Summit Sep 25,2009 Zaidi Sattar
23 There is no room for export pessimism Aug 17,2009 Zaidi Sattar
24 FTAs do little to Spur South Asia Trade Jul 19,2009 Zaidi Sattar
25 The new global challenge: Stemming the tide of rising protectionism Apr 19,2009 Zaidi Sattar
26 G20 Summit instills confidence in global recovery: Will the magic last? Apr 5,2009 Zaidi Sattar
27 G20 April Summit: Searching for Green Shoots of Recovery Mar 29,2009 Zaidi Sattar
28 Resilient despite shocks, natural and man-made Jan 14,2009 Zaidi Sattar,Ahsan H. Mansur
29 G20 summit and the Obama factor Nov 18,2008 Zaidi Sattar
30 G20 Summit: Grand ambition but limited expectations Nov 16,2008 Zaidi Sattar
31 Bretton Woods moment and evolving economic diplomacy Nov 10,2008 Zaidi Sattar
32 Is Bretton Woods II in the offing? Oct 26,2008 Zaidi Sattar
33 World economy on the brink: How secure are we? Oct 12,2008 Zaidi Sattar