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Political appointment must stop

News Published: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Political appointment must stop 
Tribune Report

Widespread politicisation contributed to low quality of staff in the civil service sector, former reputed bureaucrats said yesterday.  

They said the situation turned worse after the introduction of quota system in the public service two years back, sparking strong protest among general students.

The observation came at a book launching ceremony at the Policy Research Institute in the city. The book titled “Gresham’s Law Syndrome and Beyond:  An Analysis of the Bangladesh Bureaucracy” is written by former bureaucrat Akbar Ali Khan.

For a competent and effective bureaucracy, speakers gave some recommendations that include recruitment free from political clout, promotion, competitive salary and incentives for better performance and punishment for bad performance and corruption.  

Chairman of Centre for Development Research Bangladesh Mizanur Rahman Shelly said political leaders should not be myopic to hold on to power.

Former caretaker government adviser Syed Manzur Elahi said corruption vitiates bureaucracy. “Lower wages in civil services fail to attract talents, which reduces efficiency.”   

Prime Minister’s Adviser Gowher Rizvi said: “Without political will, things will not be changed. But cooperation from civil servants are also necessary to bring aboiut changes.”

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