Policy Research Institute - PRI Bangladesh

The Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh (PRI) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the Bangladesh economy, its key policy challenges, domestically, and in a rapidly integrating global marketplace.

Research Director

Dr. M.A. Razzaque 

Research Director

Dr. Razzaque is a trained economist specializing in applied trade and development issues with extensive senior leadership and management experience at international level. During 2012-17, he was Head of International Trade Policy at Commonwealth Secretariat, London, directing its policy and global advocacy work related to emerging issues in world trade, trade negotiations, Aid for Trade, global value chains, trade between Commonwealth members, Brexit and its implications, etc. He was also the editor of Trade Hot Topics, one of the most widely read Commonwealth publication series. He has considerable experience in teaching international trade, development economics, and econometrics both at undergraduate and graduate levels as a faculty member of Economics Department at Dhaka University during 1998-2007. He has led and managed several multi-country (involving sub-Saharan African, South Asian, Caribbean and Pacific economies) and country-specific research projects on trade and development. Results of these projects have been documented in academic research articles, policy briefs, and as chapters in edited volumes. He possesses vast experience of organising international events, conferences, and workshops. He is regularly invited to speak as a panelist in international and regional events. He has presented papers in academic seminars; made presentations on conference/workshop themes; commented on technical and policy papers as a designated discussant; briefed senior government officials; and conducted training workshops on trade and development policy issues. He has also been called to provide evidence before House of Lords and House of Commons Committees (of the UK Parliament).  Amongst others, his research was cited in The Economist, and, most recently, his analysis on implications of Brexit was published in many newspapers and online media outlets in several countries. He was the lead author of the first ever Commonwealth trade flagship report “The Commonwealth in the Unfolding Global Trade Landscape” the findings of which have been widely quoted, including in UK parliamentary debates.