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Professor Zillur R. Khan

Short Bio of Professor Zillur R. Khan


Professor Zillur R. Khan is Professor Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin, Chairman of RC 37 of International Political Science Association, President of Bangladesh Foundation and Adjunct Professor at Rollins College in USA. For his contributions to teaching, research and service, he received teaching awards at different levels of academia, namely Willard Smith Distinguished Teaching Award at the departmental level, Rosebush Professorship Award at the university level, and recognized twice by American Political Science Association for Excellence in Teaching and Research. Recognizing his contributions to Political Science focusing mainly on South Asia, the Foreign Affairs Committee of US Congress invited him to testify in a Congressional Hearing (100th Congress) on Democratization of Bangladesh and Afghanistan in 1988. Currently, He has published twelve books, twenty book chapters and over 50 scholarly articles in regional and international journals. Well known among his publications are Leadership in the Least Developed Nation: Bangladesh (Syracuse University, 1983), Martial Law to Martial Law: Leadership Crisis in Bangladesh (UPL, 1984), The Third World Charismat: Sheikh Mujib and the Struggle for Freedom (UPL, 1996) and SAARC and the Superpowers (UPL, 1991). In 2010 Dr. Khan has edited a volume of selected papers presented at a conference on Bangladesh at Harvard University, USA titledDemocracy in Bangladesh published by UPL. In 2012 another edited, volume Regional Cooperation and Globalization was published by UPL. In 2014 Dr. Khan’s expanded Bengali version of his earlier work is published by Mowla Borothers, tilled Bangondhu Sheikh Mujiber Shommohoni Netritta O Shadhinatar Shongram.