Policy Research Institute - PRI Bangladesh

The Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh (PRI) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the Bangladesh economy, its key policy challenges, domestically, and in a rapidly integrating global marketplace.

Azmina Azad

Azmina Azad Rede is a Senior Research Associate at Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh. Prior to this, she has worked in the department of Economics and Social Science of BRAC University, Dhaka as a Teaching Assistant and at Economic Research Group as a Research Assistant. During her tenure at PRI, she has been involved with various projects such as the Delta Plan of Bangladesh 2100, Fuel Oil Subsidy Reforms and Oil Market Regulation in Bangladesh, Ease of Doing Business Initiative and many more. She has completed her Master’s degree from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics in Specialized Economic Analysis. Her specialization was on International Trade, Finance and Development.