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Dr. Muhammad Mahmood

Dr. Muhammad Mahmood


BA/MA Economics, University of Dacca, and Australian National University

PhD Economics, University of Melbourne, 1981

Career: Academic

Former Head, School of Economics and Finance, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Taught economics at Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia; Greenwich University, London, U.K. and Sheffield Business School, Sheffield, U.K.

Former visiting Lecturer at Liaoning University, Shenyang, China; Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, China;  Kasersart University, Bangkok, Thailand and  Sunway University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Has a long list of publications in refereed journals, Edited books, Papers published in conference proceedings, Book reviews, Reviews, Working papers, Contribution to published reports and a Textbook.

Also worked for the Australian Federal Public Service in Canberra.

Now retired and lives in Melbourne, Australia. His hobbies include reading, listening to music and travelling.

Since January 24, 2016, has been contributing a weekly  column in the Financial Express in Dhaka.